What to Look For in a Sleepwear

Did you know that getting the best night’s sleep is not just about having a consistent bedtime schedule? Instead, it’s all about creating the right sleep environment, such as lighting, temperature, and, of course, the right sleepwear. Surprisingly, wearing the correct sleepwear has a huge difference between fitful sleep and restful one.

But how do you choose the right sleepwear? Here are our quick tips.


The right sleepwear is not about buying silk pajamas there and then. It’s about finding something that will feel comfortable when you put it on. Some people do not like the slippery sensation of silk which means that it’s not ideal for a good night’s sleep. More than its feel, however, you should also find sleepwear that will help regulate your body temperature during the night.

Here are some fabrics to consider for sleepwear:


Silk is considered a magical thermoregulator since it can keep you warm when it’s cold and cool you down when it’s warm. However, there are a few issues with silk, mostly with its cost. It also requires dry cleaning, which adds up to the cost. Next, it’s also slippery, which means it may move around while you sleep.


This fabric boasts a lot of benefits. It’s all-natural, lightweight, soft to the touch, breathable, and doesn’t irritate your skin. However, it also comes with a few flaws. For instance, unlike silk, it does not have thermoregulator features, meaning it makes you cold if you wear it during a cool climate without enough blankets. It’s also not the best if you have night sweats because it does not wick away moisture.


If you live in colder climates and you don’t have a budget for the pricey silk, you may opt for flannel than cotton. It is a material that is comfortable, breathable, and warm. Also, it will help you stay cuddly and warm without overheating.

Those were just the top 3 types of sleepwear fabric you can choose from. If you find that they are not to your liking, you can consider bamboo, wool, and fleece, or fabric with moisture-wicking capabilities.


Hopefully, you’ve now found what fabric fits your sleeping environment. Next, you’ll have to consider the details of the sleepwear. First, does it fit you? It’s important to move freely without feeling a tightening or binding when wearing your sleepwear. Are there buttons, snaps, or tags? These may become problematic and may irritate you overnight, such as itching. Also, if there are any elastic included, make sure they aren’t too tight to cut off circulation or too loose that they’ll slip off while you’re sleeping.


The lower extremities are often forgotten when choosing sleepwear. In fact, sleeplessness is associated with cold feet. At the same time, you may also get too hot when you have warm feet. So, keep them warm only with light socks that will help you have a better sleep.

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