Tips on Wearing and Buying Lingerie

Lingerie is more than just bras and underwear. It’s a beautiful world unexplored by many. And since we’re spending more and more time at home than any other, one might say that this is the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge when it comes to wearing and buying lingerie. Here are a few tips:

Try and get fitted by an expert.

The first thing to consider when buying lingerie is your size. You have to know the proper fit for you. Find experts that will help you in this area. When you get your measured size, make sure not to be stressed about it if it’s too small or too big compared to your expectations. Remember, lingerie is all about wearing what feels best on you. What’s important is that there’s no gaping at the cup and that you have enough support coming from a snug band.

Start building your lingerie from the ground up.

For beginners, you can start investing in great fitting and looking atsets rather than just a bra. Instead, build your wardrobe with a T-shirt bra, a plunge bra, and also an unlined lace demi.

For advanced lingerie enthusiasts, fill your wardrobe with a wow factor. At this level, you can start purchasing over-the-top sets with suspenders, sleek bodysuits, or cheeky ouvert bottoms. Just because it’s over the top doesn’t mean it’s expensive. Simply find something unexpected and maybe not 100% practical, but will delight you every time you take it out of your closet.

There’s just one thing to remember when building your lingerie wardrobe, though: never go straight to three-piece garter sets. Instead, go slow, find something comfortable and to your taste, then go from there.

Always choose high-quality fabrics.

Wearing lingerie made of high-quality fabrics will always be a comfortable experience. In fact, when buying one, the fabric is one of the most important things to consider, alongside size and construction. When you find the fabric that fits you, you can then look for items with beautiful laces and silks, unique designs and construction, or special embellishments.

This is also a great time to go out of your shell. For instance, if you are interested in a plunge bra with aubergine lace, go for it. What’s important here is that you feel comfortable and beautiful when wearing it.

Only hand wash your lingerie.

The best way to care for lingerie is by hand washing them. Some may find it tedious, but it’s actually not. You can simply fill the sink basin with lukewarm water, then add a capful of delicate lingerie wash. Next, swish your pieces around the water, rinse, gently squeeze out the water, then lay out to dry.

One thing you must remember, though, is that you must never stick lingerie in the dryer.

Love what you wear.

Overall, you should simply love the lingerie you are wearing. After all, it is the first thing you wear in the morning and in order to look and feel good wearing it, you need to love it. Remember, lingerie is for you. So, find only the styles that will make you feel confidently beautiful.

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