Loungewear or Sleepwear?

So, what exactly is loungewear? Is it different from sleepwear?

If you're someone who has been wondering what the difference between the two is, then you're at the right place. Let's get to know the difference between loungewear and sleepwear and the many types of the former.


Loungewear is the comfortable and casual clothing that you can use for relaxing, working from home, or even going out for a quick brunch. It's defined as a combination of sleepwear and athleisure since it's both cozy and has a chic style.

Meanwhile, sleepwear is simply designed for the best bedtime experience. The items under this category are usually loose-fitting and made from fabrics such as fleece or flannel. On the other hand, loungewear is a presentable type of apparel worn to have a cozy day at home or a casual day out. When it comes to fabric, loungewear is usually made out of cotton blends or spandex with a more tailored fit.

One of the similarities between the two, however, is that they usually come in sets. Each item comes in matching fits. However, you can also mix and match according to your style if you want a non-monochromatic look. In fact, most loungewear sets make it possible to ensure effortless style without much fuss.

The Different Types of Loungewear

Now that we have an idea what loungewear is, here are a few items that may be familiar to you and never were actually loungewear.


This piece is a staple loungewear, perfect for a relaxing look and a lazy day. Jogger pants usually have slimmer leg designs with synch or elastic waistband at the waist and ankle. This tailored fit creates a less slouchy look and allows you to layer it with other pieces, including sneakers or oversized jackets.


Sweatpants started as a piece of clothing fit only for the gym or at home. However, over the years, it has become another loungewear item. This is mainly because it's made of soft fabrics with stylish tapered fits that you can either dress up or down.


Another staple loungewear that you can use either for work or play, depending on the situation. It usually has a thick waistband and lays flat on the legs and bottom, providing a slimming effect. It's also made from different fabrics, including spandex, cotton, polyester, and others.


Bras may not be considered a loungewear piece, but they are usually incorporated when sporting loungewear. You'll have to choose something made out of soft material and keeps you supported without pinching or squeezing your chest area.


These loungewear items are great alternatives when you don't want to wear a bra. All you have to do is choose those made of smooth fabric, lightweight, and have great style for a luxurious loungewear feel.

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