Loungewear Fabrics and Patterns: A Quick Guide

There are many types of loungewear. Some can be worn only at home, while others are versatile and can be worn both at home and as casual wear. There's also active wear, a type of loungewear that supports your fitness endeavours. This means that shopping for them will be overwhelming with so many choices to choose from, such as ribbed sets, bodysuits, sweatpants, joggers, and more. Fortunately, we created a quick guide below to help you choose the right loungewear fabric you'll love.

Loungewear for sleep

Loungewear brings you comfort. But, when it comes to choosing items for the best sleep, you have to choose only the best in order to have the perfect rest. For this, you need to consider the weather to find the appropriate items that will keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm.

When Warm

For the warm weather, you need to choose a fabric that will keep you cool. A perfect example of this is ribbed sets. These are items that are ribbed knit, so it's comfortable and has a great stretch. You can shop for ribbed steps at Her Story clothing store today.

Other than ribbed sets, you can also go for silk items that are stretchy such as rayon or silk jersey.

When Cold

For the cold weather, we recommend double knit loungewear that will offer extra warmth. Terry's bulk type of knitting is also a good choice since it keeps wearers warm while wicking moisture. But, if you want all-around sleeping loungewear, you can go for Merino wool types that can offer you extra warmth in colder weather but still be comfortable on warm nights.

Of course, there's also the flannel pyjamas, a staple loungewear for colder nights. Silk is also a good choice because of its strong insulation properties. You can find silky loungewear sets in the Her Story clothing collection.

Loungewear for active lounging

These are the loungewear that you can wear before, during, or after working out. In this case, you need suitable items for your workout sessions and when simply lounging at home. Generally, Spandex items stand out from the rest. But, there are also other types of fabrics for active wear, depending on the weather.

When warm

Fiber science recently introduced performance polyester fabric with excellent moisture-wicking features to keep you sweat-free while working out. Pique also has a comfortable texture plus moisture-wicking properties. 

When cold

For this type of weather, you can look for brushed athletic knits that are comfortable as active wear on a cold day. The Merino wool is the usual alternative to performance fabrics since it has moisture-wicking features paired with anti-microbial properties.

With the continuing pandemic, loungewear has become a regular clothing item for many. That's why these items have become more and more versatile recently, so you can also wear them during Zoom calls and other work-related activities at home. So, if you're looking for luxurious but affordable ribbed sets and silky robes, check out the Her Story clothing collection today.

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