How To Choose The Right Robe Fabric For You

Robes are some of the best loungewear when finally having a relaxing time at home or when you’re on vacation. They are versatile pieces that have barely changed with age, effortlessly holding on to their classic simplicity and beauty. After all, who would want to change the ageless item that gives us comfort and coziness just the way we want it?

However, there are many robe fabrics in the market today. To choose the right one for you, you may have to consider a few things, such as the ones we listed below:


The easiest way to find out whether a robe is cool and comfortable is by its weight. For instance, if you’re looking for a warm robe or if you’re living in a cool climate, choose heavier fabric such as flannel or wool. These are fabrics that have great insulating properties. Otherwise, you may choose a thinner fabric like bamboo or satin if you live in warmer areas.


There are two ways that you can determine which type of fabric you’ll opt to consider upkeep; if it’s for special occasions and will not require constant washing or if it’s for everyday use. For instance, cashmere is a great robe fabric for special occasions but may need to be dry cleaned after use. But if it’s only for everyday use, it’s better to choose lower-maintenance fabrics.


Will you be wearing your robe to the bathroom or swimming pool? This question pertains to the water absorption capacity of fabrics. Some types of fabric like satin and silk may not absorb a lot of water. That’s why they are much better used when lounging at home than at areas nearby water.


Fact: premium fabrics come at higher costs than regular fabrics. So, if you’re looking into buying robes made from expensive fabric, then we highly recommend that you take the time to see whether they are indeed real and not cheap imitations.

Now that we have the right factors covered let’s get to know three types of robe fabric you may encounter on your next shopping spree.


As one of the most expensive fabrics in the market, cashmere may take a lot from your pocket, not only during the purchase but during its upkeep too. However, it’s also the perfect loungewear for the cold season since they are well-insulated and lightweight.


This type of robe is well known for its smooth feel. It makes for great loungewear and perfect for romantic getaways. They are fluid and light, making them the best robe to relax in. It also requires delicate care, so we recommend it only for special occasions.


If you’re looking for inexpensive robes that are easy to wash and care for, then polyester is the right choice for you. It is durable and machine-washable, so it does the job well for an everyday robe. It also holds its shape very well.

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